Studio/Location Rentals

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Inland Empire

Inland Empire Studios


Los Angeles

5th and Sunset
8443 Warner
3619 Eastham
All Pictures Media
Concrete Loft
Dennis Morgan Locations
Dilling House
The Forge
Helms Daylight Studio
Historic Hudson Theatre Photo Studio
Hollywood Loft
Home Shoot Home
Jody Domingue Studios
K & M Studio Rental
Kesspro Studios
Lightbox Studio
LightSpace Studio
Location America
Malibu Locations
McCadden Space
Melrose Lightspace
Milk Studios
The Notion Studio
One Take Studio
openSHADE Studio
Pier 59 Studios West
Rec Center Studio
Sessions West Studios
Skinkle Studio
Smashbox Studios
Solar Studios
Source Film Studio
Southbay Studios
Strauss Studio
Studio 1342
Studio M
The L.A. Lofts
The Studio
Universal Studios


Santa Ana

Porter Productions


San Francisco

Left Space
Rocket Photo Studio




Orbit Studios
Shelter Studios
Studio 1414


New York

New York City

Industria Superstudio

Suite 201