You Are Not A Dinosaur

Photo © Andrea Cole

As you know, APhotoAssistant is about photo assisting. In this respect, I usually discuss things here in a commercial sense. But, I’ve also been trying to exercise a more artistic muscle, with a non-competitive flair, these days. I recently ran across a friend of mine on Kickstarter who has assembled a group of photographers who have produced an interesting body of work that they will be exhibiting soon. They have drawn on a unique perspective as inspiration for their project, so I thought I would talk with my friend.

Tim White is relatively new to the medium of photography, having spent many years as a painter. He is an occasional contributor to B&W Magazine, and lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. His current images can be seen here.

APhotoAssistant (APA): Tim, please tell us about the exhibit you are helping to put together… “You Are Not A Dinosaur.” I was immediately curious when I saw the name.

Tim White (TW): It’s a quote from a short story entitled Dinosaur by Bruce Holland Rogers. In two paragraphs a man lives out his entire life. He starts as a kid rattling the house with dinosaur antics, then his imagination fades away as he makes practical, adult choices until senility lets him become a dinosaur again. So our show has these core themes of responsibility and loss, but the ambiguity works too–that maybe it compels people to look further into “what is this show, and why is it rebuking me?” [Read more…]

Chris Hollo: The Door Project

My friend and colleague, Chris Hollo, a photographer from Nashville, has been featured in aCurator, an online photo magazine which features large full-screen images showing the works of photographers from all over. Chris is a commercial shooter who does advertising, editorial, people, and music. He has worked with many Nashville acts, and is the official photographer for the Grand Ole Opry.

Chris’ recent The Door Project took about six months to complete principal photography, but, then nearly another six months to complete the post. Chris said it was a lot of fun, but was a good deal of work with props, styling, and wardrobe, too. After really soaking it up on his website, I think the best part about it is the way it illustrates all the various human interactions we can have, just at the front door of our homes. His humorous peek, and sometimes stark reality, has captured the quirky human element which we all come into contact with, from time-to-time.

Chris has also jumped into the blogosphere recently, and you can follow his progress here. Chris has a lot of experience in the photo industry and a great personality. It comes through in his writing.

Interview with Chad Holder, Creator of Padport

Padport is in the iTunes App Store

I’ve been hearing for some time now about Padport. A few friends of mine knew who was developing the app (they wouldn’t elaborate) but, kept it very hush-hush, only to say that it was a portfolio app for the iPad, and that it was going to be all the rage. So, when I heard about the release of PadPort in the iTunes App Store last Wednesday afternoon, I decided I would get to the bottom of it. I made a couple calls and found out that a photography colleague of mine, here in Minneapolis, was the brain-child of Padport. I gave him a call and he agreed to this interview.

APhotoAssistant: Today, I’m speaking today with Chad Holder, a successful commercial advertising photographer from Minneapolis, and the creator of Padport. First thing, Chad, please tell us just exactly what Padport is and why did you decide to create it?

Chad Holder: PADPORT is a self contained, customizable portfolio for the iPad. It shows your images, your videos, and your contact information. It has an ABOUT  section where you can tell the viewer a little about yourself. We also tried to think beyond the photographer and planned for Models, Art directors, Stylists, Reps, Illustrators, Architects, Cabinet makers, Jewelry makers, really anyone who wants to show their works through a digital portfolio. [Read more…]