Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias Talk Shop

I just finished watching and participating in a livestream webcast over at Chase Jarvis’ blog. Not sure yet if there will be a link for a replay, so check at his site. You can search #cjlive in Twitter to see the live banter during the show.

Zack Arias is in Seattle to do his creativeLive workshop. Definitely, check it out. The price won’t be an issue, guaranteed!

Chase and Zack gave a great share, after a few audio problems were squared away, and their candid, genuine banter was just two friends talking shop. They answered many questions, one of which I posed to them, asking if they felt that photo assistants needed to do anything differently to succeed as an assistant in today’s economy and changing digital landscape. They both chimed in wholeheartedly, stating that it all boils down to attitude and persistence to get the good gigs that everyone is seeking. They both gave personal examples of how members of their current staff made themselves available in an honest and personable way that could not be ignored. Zack’s studio manager was even turned down twice by Zack before his persistence landed him the job. Great stuff!

Many other questions dealt with photographers finding work, building relationships, creative inspiration, photography school vs. no school… everything from both Chase and Zack’s personal and professional experience. It was a great talk, just like I was right there chatting it up with them. Good times!

I dug up the video that Zack produced the winter before last, as a guest blogger for Scott Kelby’s blog. I thought it was appropriate for any shooters who are having any doubts about their abilities as a photographer.

Stills to Video Workshop for Photographers

DSLR Video Workshop

There is widespread buzz about digital SLR cameras that shoot HD video. Your clients may even already be requesting you to shoot video clips in addition to stills while on-set. What do you do?

Find out how to successfully capture video and audio, import and edit, export and distribute full HD video in this introductory workshop on moving from stills into motion.

This session will cover:

  • DSLR pros and cons
  • Necessary hardware and software
  • The camera setup
  • Successful audio capture
  • Storage and conversion of footage
  • Importing and editing
  • Output and delivery
  • External resources

Session starts at 6:30pm and will go through 9:00pm with time afterwards for questions, networking and drinks. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

Session Details

When: May 18th, 2010. 6:30pm

Where: Studio 1414, MPLS, MN

Who: Photographers. Students. You.

Cost: $95 per person

Sign up: HERE

More Google, Less Copyright?

ASMP and other visual artist’s trade organizations have filed a class action lawsuit against Google, claiming that Google’s practice of scanning, copying, and displaying copyrighted photos and other visuals online without permission is a violation of current copyright laws and does not give adequate (if any at all) compensation to the copyright holder. See the full story over at PDN.

What Are Your Gripes, Photo Assistants?

I got a heads up the other day from Heather Morton about a new column on her blog that she thought would be of great interest to readers at She has started a bi-weekly column, called The Whole Nine Yards for photo assistants, and other production crew, to make their complaints known about the industry. The column starts off with a bang today, talking about the issue of photo assistants having to wait 30, 60, sometimes 90 days for payment on a shoot they worked on. Mosey on over and give it a look-see. If you have an issue that you want to get out in the open, you can email

Check ‘Em Out Shout Out! — Sara Montour

image © Sara Montour

I found Sara Montour’s blog and website after I replied to a tweet of her’s… saramontour: when people say phertographer . furtographer . phortorgrapher . #thingsthatmakemyearsbleed #phuhtahgrahpherAPhotoAssistant: @saramontour …or photog… saramontour: @aphotoassistant Once toured a Lifetime Fitness & guy asked what a did. Said I was a photographer & he said “ahhh, a PHOtog” I joined Bally.

Sara is a Tacoma, Washington photographer who shoots portrait, wedding, and concert photography… plus a whole lot more cool stuff from everyday life. She has a fresh, contrasty look and I really dig her vibrant images. Check out her stuff at

20 Useful Resources & Blogs for New Assistants & Emerging Photographers

I have assembled some of the top blogs from my Bloglines Feed that I read to stay on top of what everyone else is doing and talking about in the photo industry. The list is in no particular order, and serves only as a representation of some of the content I like and find useful. I hope you do too!

A Photo Editor
A Photo Editor (APE) is Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

Burns Auto Parts
Internationally-known creative/marketing consultant Leslie Burns (-Dell’Acqua) has been working in the creative industries since 1992. With experience on both sides of the fence, Leslie brings an analytical mind, quick wit, and depth of knowledge to all her work. Specializing in working with commercial photographers, particularly those who shoot for advertising, design, corporate, and editorial clients, she has been offering her expertise for many years. She started Burns Auto Parts in 1999 (where has the time gone?) and since that time has helped photographers with everything from email promo subject lines to portfolio edits to full on marketing plans. For more information, check out the Burns Auto Parts site.

Heather Morton, Art Buyer
Heather Morton is a freelance Art Buyer based in Toronto, Canada

Stobist, David Hobby
Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to more effectively use your small speedlights. There are more than 1,000 articles about lighting. Over two million photographers from around the world have learned small-flash lighting techniques from this site. We’re thinking you can, too.

Chase Jarvis

Seattle-based commercial advertising photographer.

Annual Report Photographer, David Tejada
This Blog is for commercial photographer David Tejada. David shoots assignment photography for fortune 500 companies worldwide. He has specialized in annual reports, corporate brochures, editorial and advertising work for 26 years.

ASMPproAdvice: For Student & Emerging Photographers
Yahoo groups forum where students and emerging photographers can discuss issues and seek answers to questions related to commercial photography from established, experienced working professionals.

Yahoo groups forum: A network of advertising photographers, hosted by Advertising Photographers of America.

Yahoo groups forum: a network of advertising and stock photographers wishing to discuss self-contained digital capture (small and medium format), film scanners (for those scanning both old and new work), digital workflow (including required specialized software for digital capture), delivery standards, and billing issues.

Joe McNally
The thoughts, notions, and ideas here come from thirty years in the field as a shooter. Twenty plus on the road for National Geographic. LIFE staffer. Sports Illustrated contractor. 54 countries. 50 states.

Digital Photography School
Discover how to use your digital camera with our Digital Photography Tips. We are a community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in our understanding of photography.

Pro Photo Resource is an online community and resource for professional level photographers and amateurs serious about the business of photography. ProPhotoResource serves as an information hub for anyone who is or aspires to be a professional photographer. At we are as serious about creating a professional level community as you are about the craft of your photography.

Photo News Today
A smattering of daily news about everything photography.

The online community for the photo industry.

1 Pro Photo
New York based photo community with blog, forum, and industry listings.

LightSource Studio Photography
Helpful lighting tutorials and much more.

Lighting Essentials for Photographers
This site is devoted to photography, and photographic lighting in specific. We want to feature items that photographers of all kinds will be interested in. Tutorials, online workshops, assignments, fun shoots, show-n-tell and more. We will present lighting information and lighting tools from DIY to the top-of-the-line pro gear.

A daily blog covering the Los Angeles photo scene.

Photo Focus, Scott Bourne
Photofocus is not a blog per se. Instead, it is an online magazine about photography. We publish several times each day, with the intent of informing, entertaining and educating people who are interested in photography.

Black Star Rising
This is a group blog featuring articles to educate professional photographers, aspiring pros, and photography buyers alike. Our stories offer advice and viewpoints on the art and business of photography, based on the personal experiences of our contributors. We give our bloggers the freedom to write about issues of interest to them.

A Photographic Benefit for the Survivors of the Haiti Earthquake

From MagCloud:

Several photographers including the iconic photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark, have donated the use of one or more of their works to help create this issue as a fund-raising photography magazine to benefit Haiti. The title Haiti: One Respe comes from a traditional Haitian greeting meaning “honor and respect.” See the article at OneMag.