12 Elements Portfolio Show

12 Elements Portfolio ShowLast night, I attended the Industry Preview for the MCTC Photography and Digital Imaging Fall 2011 Portfolio Show. The turnout for the first night of the show was awesome and the mood was quite festive and abuzz! I believe this is perhaps the third portfolio show to take place at Vine Arts Center, which allows the students to show their work in more of a real gallery setting, rather than within the confines of Minneapolis Community and Technical College. It definitely feels more professional, artsy, and fun… rather than the alternative.

I enjoyed visiting with all the students and faculty, and checking out the show. What impressed me the most is how well the students are branding themselves with their business cards, postcards, and nick-knacks used for their promotions and marketing.student branding I just don’t recall this being a big deal when I went to MCTC, but maybe I missed something then, as I was working graveyard hours to put myself through college. At any rate, the Fall 2011 grads had many impressive images framed on the walls and bound in beautiful books. Oh, and the books were sweet! I know we didn’t have these great book printing and binding companies when I was in school. The 12 Elements crew did an awesome job of using some great resources to help show off their work.

I must admit, I have become a big advocate of students and their work in the past few years. The photo industry has always been a tough racket. And especially tough these days, with never-ending technology advances in digital photography, and with the troubled economy. Students really need to be on their A-game to have, perhaps, even a chance at some success in the photography industry. The faculty at MCTC’s Photography and Digital Imaging program, headed by Jack Mader, really do a bang-up job getting these students prepared for the photo world.

The 12 Elements show runs Nov. 29 thru Dec. 3 at Vine Arts Center (Ivy Building for the Arts) in Minneapolis.