12 Elements Portfolio Show

12 Elements Portfolio ShowLast night, I attended the Industry Preview for the MCTC Photography and Digital Imaging Fall 2011 Portfolio Show. The turnout for the first night of the show was awesome and the mood was quite festive and abuzz! I believe this is perhaps the third portfolio show to take place at Vine Arts Center, which allows the students to show their work in more of a real gallery setting, rather than within the confines of Minneapolis Community and Technical College. It definitely feels more professional, artsy, and fun… rather than the alternative.

I enjoyed visiting with all the students and faculty, and checking out the show. What impressed me the most is how well the students are branding themselves with their business cards, postcards, and nick-knacks used for their promotions and marketing.student branding I just don’t recall this being a big deal when I went to MCTC, but maybe I missed something then, as I was working graveyard hours to put myself through college. At any rate, the Fall 2011 grads had many impressive images framed on the walls and bound in beautiful books. Oh, and the books were sweet! I know we didn’t have these great book printing and binding companies when I was in school. The 12 Elements crew did an awesome job of using some great resources to help show off their work.

I must admit, I have become a big advocate of students and their work in the past few years. The photo industry has always been a tough racket. And especially tough these days, with never-ending technology advances in digital photography, and with the troubled economy. Students really need to be on their A-game to have, perhaps, even a chance at some success in the photography industry. The faculty at MCTC’s Photography and Digital Imaging program, headed by Jack Mader, really do a bang-up job getting these students prepared for the photo world.

The 12 Elements show runs Nov. 29 thru Dec. 3 at Vine Arts Center (Ivy Building for the Arts) in Minneapolis.

You Are Not A Dinosaur

Photo © Andrea Cole

As you know, APhotoAssistant is about photo assisting. In this respect, I usually discuss things here in a commercial sense. But, I’ve also been trying to exercise a more artistic muscle, with a non-competitive flair, these days. I recently ran across a friend of mine on Kickstarter who has assembled a group of photographers who have produced an interesting body of work that they will be exhibiting soon. They have drawn on a unique perspective as inspiration for their project, so I thought I would talk with my friend.

Tim White is relatively new to the medium of photography, having spent many years as a painter. He is an occasional contributor to B&W Magazine, and lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. His current images can be seen here.

APhotoAssistant (APA): Tim, please tell us about the exhibit you are helping to put together… “You Are Not A Dinosaur.” I was immediately curious when I saw the name.

Tim White (TW): It’s a quote from a short story entitled Dinosaur by Bruce Holland Rogers. In two paragraphs a man lives out his entire life. He starts as a kid rattling the house with dinosaur antics, then his imagination fades away as he makes practical, adult choices until senility lets him become a dinosaur again. So our show has these core themes of responsibility and loss, but the ambiguity works too–that maybe it compels people to look further into “what is this show, and why is it rebuking me?” [Read more…]

WordCamp MSP

First crappy snow in Minneapolis

I ventured out into the snow early this morning to make my way to WordCamp MSP at the Best Buy HQ. Roads were pretty bad already at 8AM with lots of sloppy slush being thrown up onto everyone’s windshield’s from passing cars. Be careful out there Minnesnowta!

This is my first ever WordCamp and I believe it’s the first-ever WordCamp in the Twin Cities. WordCamp is a day of workshops for bloggers who use WordPress. After a few sessions this morning I am swimming with new ideas for content and delivery. Lunch was pretty good, catered in from Buca. Looking forward to the afternoon sessions.

If you’re a WordPress user and can brave the roads I recommend that you come check it out. Registration is open all day, I think.

WordCamp MSP

Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias Talk Shop

I just finished watching and participating in a livestream webcast over at Chase Jarvis’ blog. Not sure yet if there will be a link for a replay, so check at his site. You can search #cjlive in Twitter to see the live banter during the show.

Zack Arias is in Seattle to do his creativeLive workshop. Definitely, check it out. The price won’t be an issue, guaranteed!

Chase and Zack gave a great share, after a few audio problems were squared away, and their candid, genuine banter was just two friends talking shop. They answered many questions, one of which I posed to them, asking if they felt that photo assistants needed to do anything differently to succeed as an assistant in today’s economy and changing digital landscape. They both chimed in wholeheartedly, stating that it all boils down to attitude and persistence to get the good gigs that everyone is seeking. They both gave personal examples of how members of their current staff made themselves available in an honest and personable way that could not be ignored. Zack’s studio manager was even turned down twice by Zack before his persistence landed him the job. Great stuff!

Many other questions dealt with photographers finding work, building relationships, creative inspiration, photography school vs. no school… everything from both Chase and Zack’s personal and professional experience. It was a great talk, just like I was right there chatting it up with them. Good times!

I dug up the video that Zack produced the winter before last, as a guest blogger for Scott Kelby’s blog. I thought it was appropriate for any shooters who are having any doubts about their abilities as a photographer.

Stills to Video Workshop for Photographers

DSLR Video Workshop

There is widespread buzz about digital SLR cameras that shoot HD video. Your clients may even already be requesting you to shoot video clips in addition to stills while on-set. What do you do?

Find out how to successfully capture video and audio, import and edit, export and distribute full HD video in this introductory workshop on moving from stills into motion.

This session will cover:

  • DSLR pros and cons
  • Necessary hardware and software
  • The camera setup
  • Successful audio capture
  • Storage and conversion of footage
  • Importing and editing
  • Output and delivery
  • External resources

Session starts at 6:30pm and will go through 9:00pm with time afterwards for questions, networking and drinks. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

Session Details

When: May 18th, 2010. 6:30pm

Where: Studio 1414, MPLS, MN

Who: Photographers. Students. You.

Cost: $95 per person

Sign up: HERE