Chris Hollo: The Door Project

My friend and colleague, Chris Hollo, a photographer from Nashville, has been featured in aCurator, an online photo magazine which features large full-screen images showing the works of photographers from all over. Chris is a commercial shooter who does advertising, editorial, people, and music. He has worked with many Nashville acts, and is the official photographer for the Grand Ole Opry.

Chris’ recent The Door Project took about six months to complete principal photography, but, then nearly another six months to complete the post. Chris said it was a lot of fun, but was a good deal of work with props, styling, and wardrobe, too. After really soaking it up on his website, I think the best part about it is the way it illustrates all the various human interactions we can have, just at the front door of our homes. His humorous peek, and sometimes stark reality, has captured the quirky human element which we all come into contact with, from time-to-time.

Chris has also jumped into the blogosphere recently, and you can follow his progress here. Chris has a lot of experience in the photo industry and a great personality. It comes through in his writing.

How To Get Under an NHL Player Without Getting Hurt

Bauer -> Behind The Scenes from Jonathan Chapman Photography on Vimeo.

Here’s a great little behind the scenes video shot of Jonathan Chapman and his crew doing a very interesting shoot for Olson and the Bauer Hockey Athletic Camp 2010. I’m not posting this just because I am a huge hockey fan (well, maybe a little), but I just wanted to show that there is still some great imaginative work being done out there. I love it when everyone puts their heads together and pulls-off something fun like this!

You can see Jonathan’s blog at Jonathan Chapman Photography/Intrigue.

Check ‘Em Out Shout Out! — Sara Montour

image © Sara Montour

I found Sara Montour’s blog and website after I replied to a tweet of her’s… saramontour: when people say phertographer . furtographer . phortorgrapher . #thingsthatmakemyearsbleed #phuhtahgrahpherAPhotoAssistant: @saramontour …or photog… saramontour: @aphotoassistant Once toured a Lifetime Fitness & guy asked what a did. Said I was a photographer & he said “ahhh, a PHOtog” I joined Bally.

Sara is a Tacoma, Washington photographer who shoots portrait, wedding, and concert photography… plus a whole lot more cool stuff from everyday life. She has a fresh, contrasty look and I really dig her vibrant images. Check out her stuff at