What the Heck?

Where is APhotoAssistantI know, I know. It’s been forever since I’ve posted. I’ve received a few emails recently asking me, What the heck? Let’s just say I am on a much needed break from blogging.

During the past five months, I’ve traveled home to Minneapolis, from L.A., only to return back to L.A. a few months later. I still love everything about Minnie, except winter, even if it is as mild as it has been this winter. Los Angeles, too, has been warmer this season! I guess I’d have won, no matter where I spent my winter.

As you may have noticed, I’m currently working at expanding APhotoAssistant to include a directory listing for students and assistants. It probably won’t be anything as elaborate as PhotoCrew, but I hope to encourage everyone who signs up to participate and share with one another, so as to foster a real learning environment and help everyone to be the best photo assistant that they can be. When I started APhotoAssistant 3-1/2 years ago, I envisioned an active community of positive professionals where everyone was excited to work in a vibrant photo industry and to share experience, skills, and tips with one another to uphold a professional standard which would benefit all. At any rate, please take a moment to explore the Photo Assistants Directory page and sign on by listing your profile.

I am also hopeful to start implementing some more video into the content for the site. I have been working with more photographers, recently, who are shooting DSLR video and offering that as part of their service to their clients. With that came the idea to start delivering content for APhotoAssistant via video format. Actually, I intended to start this some time ago, but my workflow made it nearly impossible, then. I believe the time is now, or never… So, you can expect to see some video interviews with photographers, assistants, and other creatives. I also hope to feature some tips and tricks, and feature gear and pointers from other assistants.

By making some of these changes at APhotoAssistant, I may have interrupted some subscribers’ RSS feeds. If you want to be notified via email or your reader, I encourage you to resubscribe, just to make sure you will continue to be notified. Thanks!

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