Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias Talk Shop

I just finished watching and participating in a livestream webcast over at Chase Jarvis’ blog. Not sure yet if there will be a link for a replay, so check at his site. You can search #cjlive in Twitter to see the live banter during the show.

Zack Arias is in Seattle to do his creativeLive workshop. Definitely, check it out. The price won’t be an issue, guaranteed!

Chase and Zack gave a great share, after a few audio problems were squared away, and their candid, genuine banter was just two friends talking shop. They answered many questions, one of which I posed to them, asking if they felt that photo assistants needed to do anything differently to succeed as an assistant in today’s economy and changing digital landscape. They both chimed in wholeheartedly, stating that it all boils down to attitude and persistence to get the good gigs that everyone is seeking. They both gave personal examples of how members of their current staff made themselves available in an honest and personable way that could not be ignored. Zack’s studio manager was even turned down twice by Zack before his persistence landed him the job. Great stuff!

Many other questions dealt with photographers finding work, building relationships, creative inspiration, photography school vs. no school… everything from both Chase and Zack’s personal and professional experience. It was a great talk, just like I was right there chatting it up with them. Good times!

I dug up the video that Zack produced the winter before last, as a guest blogger for Scott Kelby’s blog. I thought it was appropriate for any shooters who are having any doubts about their abilities as a photographer.


  1. says

    Excellent question. Thank you for asking. I was wondering who sent that in!

    Your name sounds very familiar Tim. Have you ever shot an assignment in Rochester? Vaguely remember a photo editor mentioning “Tim Olsen in Minneapolis”…



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